"Local R&B soothsayers Perfume Monster are... bringing a danceable polish to First Ave's dank little brother." -Sept. 2015 CityPages

"They haven't released much music as of yet, but what they have shared has proven to be quite beguiling." -April, 2015 CityPages, Local Frames

"This is a voice that needs to be heard." -February, 2015 89.3 The Current Local Blog

Sans Caballo

"My only hope is they continue to release more, more, more." -April 2015 89.3 The Current Local Blog

"...the way that the song unraveled hit me square in the gut." -February, 2014 89.3 The Current Local Blog

"One of my favorite new discoveries from this year’s contest" -March, 2013 89.3 The Current Local Blog

"This uncanny amalgam of Beck and the Eels' sensibilities is worth keeping a tab on." -March 2013